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AI Subtitles for Fast, Accurate Results Every Time

Here at VoiceBox, we deliver high-quality subtitles powered by AI and machine learning to make your content more accessible to a wider audience. 

We’ll subtitle your project, whatever that looks like, whether it’s your latest short film or your game-changing social media content. Our bespoke AI-powered subtitling software automatically generates captions you can download as a transcript or SRT file, including subtitles in other languages.  

We’ll work closely with you, taking an approach that’s tailored to your project and your needs. 

We’ll get to know your goals - whether accessibility, appealing to a younger audience, or crossing into an international audience - and then we’ll work with you to create a custom plan to guarantee the best possible results. 

Our quality control process is second to none, so there’s no risk of receiving poorly written, inaccurate subtitles that put your business’s reputation at risk.

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Why Does Your Project Need Subtitles?

Subtitles and closed captions were initially developed to make content more accessible for those who are hard of hearing, as well as to allow people to consume content in a foreign language. 

Over time, consumers now expect almost all the content they consume to be subtitled for convenience.

Take social media, for example. When you’re in a public space but don’t have headphones to hand, scrolling your TikTok feed out loud isn’t a great option - unless you want some serious side-eye. 

Now, many content consumers opt for subtitles instead so they can still enjoy their content even when they cannot access the audio. In fact, 75% of content viewers actually use subtitles due to the poor audio quality of videos, and a whopping four out of five young people consume content with subtitles for all or part of the time. 

If you don’t subtitle your video and audio content, not only are you missing out on a significant swathe of your audience, but you’re also compromising your accessibility. 

VoiceBox can provide you with AI subtitles that are much more affordable than subtitles written by a human, with a turnaround time that allows you to meet even your most last-minute deadlines while helping you access a wider audience. 

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Benefits of AI Subtitles

Haven’t previously considered AI subtitles and are wondering why you should start? 

Here are some of the advantages of working with technology to create captions for your content. 

  • Attract a new audience. Whether you’re looking to break into the international market, appeal to a younger audience, or simply be more inclusive, subtitles allow a wider audience to understand and enjoy your content. AI makes it easier than ever to create subtitles that will expand your content’s reach. 
  • Save time. Be honest. Have you really got the time to be trawling through content and creating captions yourself? Does anybody in your team really have the time, either? With the help of AI subtitles, you can focus on your core competencies while technology does the work. 
  • Save money. Unlike human-written subtitles, AI-powered subtitles cost much less to create. Save money and put it towards other things, like growing and future-proofing your business. 

Translating with AI Subtitles

Breaking into an international market is easier than ever with AI subtitles that allow you to translate your content into other languages and ensure it’s understood globally. 

Instead of hiring a team of language speakers, AI subtitles allow you to tap into translation skills as and when you need them, only spending the money your project needs when you need it - not a penny more. 

At VoiceBox, we can create AI subtitles for more than 220 languages with unparalleled accuracy and cross-cultural awareness. We work with AI to ensure that subtlety and nuance are factored in, ensuring your content is sensitive and inclusive in every language. 



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Why Trust Us? 

Unlike other AI subtitle companies that use a poor-quality subtitle generator and skip the quality-control process, our team of professional subtitlers can distinguish a good job from a bad one, so you’ll never receive anything less than perfect when you choose to work with VoiceBox. 

Our award-winning team comprises industry experts boasting decades of experience between them. 

We take a client-centred approach to our work, treating everyone we work with like partners and seeking their input as much as possible. We don’t prescribe or demand - we work with you to create the best results. 

Don’t just take our word for it - over the years, we’ve worked with the likes of Google, Bentley, and the Open University to help see their content by a wider audience.

When to Work With the Pros

While AI subtitles can be incredibly useful for last-minute, budget-savings, and translation jobs, accessibility and SDH subtitles are better left to the humans. Luckily, we also provide non-AI professional services for those moments when a human touch just can’t be replicated. 

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