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Bring your message to life with the power of American voiceovers! 

Across the globe, US English is widely spoken and understood, making it a popular choice for audiences in both the States and abroad. 

Voiceovers are used to create a specific tone or mood in a video or audio production. By including them in your content, you can create a sense of familiarity and comfort for audiences, especially in the United States. 

Voiceovers convey a sense of professionalism, authority, and credibility, which is important for a variety of content types. This is particularly relevant for marketing or creative projects, such as TV adverts, social media content, and product showcases. 

Here at VoiceBox, part of Wolfestone Group, we can transform your content in multiple languages – helping you reach new international markets and increase your global revenue. We have significant expertise in multilingual communications and have worked with a diverse set of businesses in a range of industries! 

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What American dialects are available with VoiceBox? 

Cultural, linguistic, and demographic influencers shape the way people speak in different regions. This has impacted the way people speak across the States of America, leading to a variety of distinct dialects.  

Dialects can serve as a marker of identity and community, helping people to connect with others who share a similar background or culture.  For Businesses, the use of regional voiceovers can help create a deeper relationship with customers and employees.  

 In the US, there are 30 different dialects of American English! Some of these include: 

  •  The Southern accent – This dialect is spoken throughout the Southern parts of the United States, especially in rural and coastal areas like Florida, Alabama and Tennessee.   
  • New York dialect - One of the more recognisable accents in the US, used throughout radio, film, and television.  
  • Texan English – The Texan English dialect is often described as a Southern accent with a twist, as this refers to a more midland South.  
  • Cajun English - Spoken in Louisiana and Mississippi, this dialect is heavily influenced by both the French and Spanish languages.   
  • New England English – Spoken in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, this accent is known for the drooping of the letter ‘R.’

Companies need to be aware of these regional dialects and cultural differences so they can build a rapport with customers, increase satisfaction, and improve trust in this part of the world. Using knowledge of different countries' languages and cultural norms, we can tailor your communications to make them more effective and relatable to specific target audiences. 

American voiceovers can also help mistakes be avoided. For example, misunderstandings can arise, as words can have different meanings, depending on the culture and dialect!  

In general, it is important to consider the audience and context when choosing a dialect for a voiceover to ensure that the message is effectively conveyed. 

There are 30dialects of English spoken in America

How are different industries using voiceovers?  

Voiceovers are being used by several different industries to boost engagement, improve clarification and enhance their brand image. 

  •  E-learning and Training Development – American voiceovers can be used to narrate instructional videos and online courses to provide clear and engaging content, especially for staff based in the US.  
  • Marketing Agencies & Departments – To enter an international market, you need to know your target audience. American voiceovers can help you to achieve a more tailored promotional campaign that can connect your brand with potential customers.  
  • Entertainment – You can use voiceovers in video games, film, and streaming websites to prevent confusion amongst your audience by using languages they do not understand.  

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Using multilingual voiceovers to enhance your business 

American voiceovers could expand your market reach by providing a professional and clear audio representation of your company’s brand, products, and services. 

This type of service will give you access to a new target audience by building brand awareness and credibility that can improve the customer experience. You need to harness connections through your brand by using terminology that is familiar and can be understood by your American audience.  

By utilising our extensive catalogue of professional voiceover talent. You can improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, product demonstrations, and training materials in a variety of American languages. Allowing your company to become more appealing and accessible to your customer base. 

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VoiceBox can help your organisation through a range of language and multimedia services from voiceovers to subtitles.  

  • Versatile: Due to our expert team and catalogue of voiceover talent, we can deliver effortless voiceovers that seamlessly blend with your video content.  
  • Collaborative: We work with our clients to meet their vision by prioritising communication and customer satisfaction for an amazing result.    
  • Flexible: From altering the brief to adjusting the timescale, we always work to meet and deliver on your deadlines, ensuring your voiceover project is completed to a high standard.   
  • Inclusive: VoiceBox is a multilingual multimedia agency that can be utilised by any industry to improve accessibility and meet language needs. We have experience with over 220 language combinations and have been working since 2014 to provide every client with a professional, positive experience.   

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