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Audio Description

Boost the accessibility of your video content with high-quality audio description from VoiceBox.

From digital webinars and live events to marketing campaigns and eLearning videos; visual content is a great way to engage with your audience.

However, when producing visual content, all brands should consider accessible features to make their outreach and communications as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Our audio description services provide a voiceover that can describe the elements of your videos and live streams, to ensure a wider audience can enjoy your visually led content.

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How does our Audio Description process work?

Our UK based audio description service is part of our range of translation and subtitling services. We work with our network of handpicked, expert audio describers to add audio description to your video content. We guarantee our voice over artists will have clear, distinctive voices to distinguish them from other dialogue in your content. We deliver a straightforward, end-to-end process:

  • Firstly, send us your original video content. We will then discuss with you your exact requirements for a voice over artist/audio describer, including language and accent. We will also clarify any complex visual elements with you.
  • We’ll then send your content to one of our trusted and trained audio describers, who will come back to us with a transcreated script. This will contain details of the important on-screen visuals and cues – such as body language or expressions – that provide vital context to help understand the video content.
  • Thirdly, the script is sent to a second describer to undergo a quality assurance process of editing and proofreading.
  • You will then be sent the edited script, which you may suggest edits for or sign off with your approval.
  • Finally, we will organise the recording of the voice over. We can either deliver an audio file of your audio description or embed and sync the audio to your video content.

If you require audio description services for live events, we can also provide experts upon request.

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Want to go global with your video content?

  • If you require multilingual audio description, VoiceBox can offer our services in over 220 languages.
  • We can translate your script quickly and easily.
  • You can either provide us with a monolingual script, or one of our expert audio describers can create one from your video file.
  • We will then draw on our network of native translators to provide professional translations in the languages you require.
  • We can then record your translated script as a voice over using one of our talented, professional voice over artists.

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Why now's the time to invest in Audio Description?

We’re living in a multimedia-led world, one that has rapidly shifted to digital-first content in the past year. That’s why it has never been more important to consider digital accessibility for all.

For example, did you know that video content is set to make up more than 82% of all consumer internet by 2022? If there are an estimated 285 million people are living with sight loss worldwide, with 39 million people who are blind and 246 million people who are partially sighted, how can we ensure that video content continues to be accessible to all internet users?

The aim of audio description services is to do exactly that. Audio description services are essential for those who are blind or partially sighted, in order to:

  • Boost Accessibility: To ensure that everyone can enjoy different types of media, digital content and live events, such as concerts, cinema screenings or theatre, as well as cultural tours at museums, galleries and famous landmarks.
  • Foster participation at meetings: To be inclusive and encourage everyone to participate in video conferencing where visually-led content like presentation platforms or video content is used.
  • Adhere to accessibility guidelines: There are also accessibility requirements and internal standards that many companies must meet. For example, media regulator Ofcom has made recommendations that Video-On-Demand providers should have a duty to provide audio description for at least 10% of their content catalogues.


How to get a quote

Wondering if we can help with your audio description subtitles? We’d be happy to discuss it with you! You can either tell us more about your project by filling in our form, or give us a quick call on 01792 450979 to chat directly with one of our friendly team members.

We will always aim to get back to you with a quote within 60 minutes or sooner. From there, we will guide you through our straightforward audio description services so you’ll know exactly what to expect, from beginning to end.

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Why choose VoiceBox as your multimedia agency?

Here are the three reasons why we stand out for our audio description UK-based services:

  • Versatile: Due to our experienced team and extensive network of professional voice over artists and describers, we can adapt our services to your business and language requirements.
  • Collaborative: We work side-by-side with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction, every time.
  • Flexible: After 7 years in the industry, we understand the unpredictable and demanding world of content creation. Whether there is a change in brief, budget or timescale, we pride ourselves on our flexibility as an organisation.

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