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Audio Introduction

Make your visual projects more accessible with a clear and descriptive audio introduction.

For any project or production, it is important to ensure content is as accessible as possible to a diverse audience. From multilingual voiceovers to subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, VoiceBox offers a multitude of services to improve the inclusivity of your content.

Our audio description services provide a clear voiceover narration for your content. These descriptions provide crucial context for blind and visually impaired people, helping them to understand your content.

However, perhaps due to budget or time constraints, full audio description is unfortunately not a good fit for every project. That’s where audio introduction steps in.

Audio introduction establishes visual elements, such as settings and character costumes, at the start of a scene/video – allowing a wider audience to grasp and experience your content.

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What is Audio Introduction?

To explain this service, it is first important to define audio description.

Audio description is a type of voiceover narration that is used to relay key information which otherwise might be conveyed visually. Primarily used in film and theatre, audio descriptions outline important aspects such as character features, settings, stage layout, body language, and more.

Audio description enhances accessibility and allows for greater access to a wider audience; however, isn’t suited for each and every project. You may find yourself on a tight schedule, or perhaps there are budget constraints.

In this case, audio introduction is a crucial solution.

In this service, professional describers will give a short narration before a scene or piece of content, to outline the most important visual elements.

As an example, theatres may use audio introductions before new scenes to explain staging layout, costumes, stage presence, or body language that is key to the narrative of the production.

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