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Megger Case Study 


Neil Crook - Head of Video and Photography
"I would recommend VoiceBox and the friendly and professional service they offer"

Megger is a leader in the manufacturing and selling of electrical testing equipment, based in Dover. Working with clients from solo electricians to utility businesses for power testing on the national grid. A core part of their service includes providing how-to videos to aid their clients on using the equipment safely, and correctly. VoiceBox, a specialist multimedia agency, was brought in to support the creation of video content with voiceovers and subtitling.  

We spoke with Neil Crook, Head of Video and Photography at Megger, to find out more about his recent projects and overall experience with VoiceBox… 

How Neil came across VoiceBox 

Neil wasn’t searching for a multimedia agency when he found the VoiceBox stall at a London exhibition. On speaking to us, he remembers we were “professional and friendly”. Intrigued by our routes in South Wales, Neil kicked off his first voiceover project with VoiceBox to test if removing the London premium, Megger was being charged by existing agencies, compromised the quality of the product. Our favourite bit? That was just the start. Megger and VoiceBox are now in a 3+ yearlong partnership between creating multimedia content that delivers and then some. So we wanted to explore in a bit more detail… 

 What’s a VoiceBox voiceover project like? 

Megger trusts with VoiceBox to create professional and knowledgeable voiceover and subtitling content. Neil was blown away by how VoiceBox goes “above and beyond,” and was “impressed by how quickly feedback was accepted” something very important he finds in his partner agency.  

On the topic of affordability, something important to most businesses in today’s climate, he commented that “VoiceBox were cheaper but offered the same service as our other suppliers”. 

For every Megger project, Neil was fond of creating continuity across all their video content. VoiceBox were able to respond. Sourcing the perfect voiceover artist to capture Megger’s voice on every multimedia project. Neil commented that we “always delivers” and have “never let me down.” 

 What makes Neil’s experience with us unique?

One highlight was being able to sit in on the live voice recording sessions and provide feedback then and there. This was something that he didn’t always find with other multimedia agencies. Even during the pandemic, when restrictions made presence at live recordings tricky, he recalled that nothing changed, and he was able to use videoconferencing tools to see the session and provide feedback in real-time. A testament to VoiceBox’s ability to adapt and continue the very best service possible.  

Recommending VoiceBox to other businesses 

Neil had no issues recommending VoiceBox to other companies as he has “every confidence” in what we offer. Megger will be continuing to use VoiceBox, as their multimedia agency. He continued to sing our praises, “no intention of finding an alternative service” and perfectly summarised “10 out of 10”. 

We couldn’t ask for more than that.

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