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Voice Over Services For Megger


What Neil Crook, Creative Lead of Megger says about us...
I have zero interest in looking for anyone else to provide me with the services that VoiceBox provides. VoiceBox represents the absolute optimum solution - for quality and delivery of really good work but also immense value for money.
"With VoiceBox, the customer services is 10 out of 10. The turnaround time is 10 out of 10. But the quality is also 10 out of 10."

VoiceBox always respond quicker than I expect, which is phenomenal. They are honest and transparent and I am so pleased with how quickly they turn work around and get me the end result, the deliverables – it is phenomenal. The response I have had with last minute projects out of hours has been 10 out of 10. That whole package makes me feel comfortable with VoiceBox and their demeanour is just brilliant. Often we work to urgent and demanding deadlines -it can be a last-minute turnaround at say 9 pm. If VoiceBox knows that, they will be on hand, I am sure of it.

VoiceBox provides me with a phenomenal service and a fantastic array of different voices. If I have 5 options and I ask for more, VoiceBox offers me more. I couldn’t be happier with VoiceBox.

What you find in this industry is that all providers will make the same claims, i.e. “our quality is the best”, “our array of voice artists is the most comprehensive”, “our turnaround times are the fastest”. VoiceBox can absolutely substantiate every one of those claims.

With VoiceBox, the customer services is 10 out of 10. The turnaround time is 10 out of 10. But the quality is also 10 out of 10. Everyone at VoiceBox comes across as having an industry top level standard of understanding. In marketing and communications, it’s all about your target audience and VoiceBox understands ours. They know the industry, they are not punching above their weight, they are not trying to sell the emperor’s new clothes. They are honest and sincere, friendly and they deliver. For me that is everything I want from a supplier.

Another common experience in this industry is that often the process is quite dry, transactional and rather faceless. You send over your project requirements; the provider sends something back and you don’t always have much in the way of interaction or know who you are talking to. With VoiceBox it is very different. I actually visualise the team in my head, their faces and their offices and it feels like a really nice environment.

I would recommend VoiceBox to anyone. I would 100% say that VoiceBox is a genuine partner, not a supplier, like an extension of our team. If I was setting up a business and needed to bring a voice over agency to come in house, I would bring VoiceBox in. Trust and deliverables are the key things and VoiceBox has never let me down.