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Yard B Studios Case Study

Yard B Studios

Lewis Darby - Founder & Creative Director
“VoiceBox has made this whole process a breeze”
“Excellent at providing high-quality foreign language voice-over artists quickly, efficiently and the personal service provided is second to none”

Yard B Studios is a film and motion graphics production company that supports businesses in creating stunning films, and high-impact motion graphics that highlight products and services in the best light. VoiceBox collaborated with Yard B Studios to bring multilingual voiceovers to some of their recent video projects.  

Lewis Darby, Founder and Creative Director at Yard B, needed a multimedia service provider with a difference. With a brief needing multilingual voiceovers in 5+ languages, the project was to translate and vocalise a video message for a global, corporate audience. VoiceBox’s roster of voiceover artists, spanning over 220+ languages, made them the perfect choice for Yard B.  

We spoke with Lewis from their incredible team, to find out why they have continued to partner with us since 2021 and how they have found their experience so far…  

A partnership to last 

VoiceBox, specialists in multilingual multimedia services, made the perfect partner to create content that reaches a wider, more global, network. Yard B needed top-quality, impactful voiceovers for their latest project; using video content to explain veterinary services to internal stakeholders around the world.  

The multilingual voiceovers chosen for this project included: 

  • Australian
  • Canadian English
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • And German

“VoiceBox has made this whole process a breeze”  

The voiceover process  

As with every multimedia project we take on, the process was made as simple as possible. We asked the voiceover artists to read extracts of the script. We then handed those to Yard B as options to choose the voice best suited to the client’s brand. Offering these voiceover samples put Yard B in the driving seat to decide on which voice was right for the core message of the video. Having the ability to hear the voiceover artists before the full script was recorded allowed for no time to be wasted and no unnecessary costs or changes to be made later in the creative process. Yard B praised our ability to not only provide the best artists but also ensure they had the final say on all major decisions throughout the journey.   

Talking about the experience VoiceBox delivered, Lewis said, the voiceovers offered “quality” and the “recordings were great.” 


 Overcoming challenges  

Translating content for multimedia can throw up some challenges. 

On this occasion, the original British English script meant some of the multilingual translations came out significantly longer in reading time for the voiceovers. Thankfully, VoiceBox’s years of experience meant we could take a solution-driven, consultative approach. Continuing at a natural pace would increase the video in length, but wouldn’t compromise the message that’s at the core of the video. The benefits? Increased engagement and the perfect end result. An adjustment to the original scope Yard B was comfortable in bringing to their end client. Lewis spoke on our ability to adapt to challenges a global project can have… 

“The extra level of care that VoiceBox took was appreciated.” 

Dedicated account management and a continued communication line meant challenges were overcome, and Yard B could deliver multiple videos to marketing teams around the world, on time for their key account.  

“There were no issues at all on any of the videos.”  

Yard B’s experience with VoiceBox 

We asked Lewis for a rating out of five. The result? VoiceBox is a five-star service. 

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