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VoiceBox provides a global closed captioning service for companies worldwide. Our captions are high quality with fast turnarounds at extremely competitive prices.

Closed captions are usually created with the deaf and hard of hearing in mind, however they also have other uses too. They include not only the spoken word, but also identification of speakers, descriptions of sound effects, indications of tone of voice, denotations of music. These and other elements combine to help ensure that video content is fully accessible to deaf audiences.

Right now there are estimated to be 11 million people with some form of hearing loss in the UK alone, let alone the rest of the world, which equates to around one in six people. With both an ageing population and early diagnosis of hearing loss in children, that’s estimated to rise to around 15 million by 2035.

Poor quality captioning can result in a lack of accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing, and when you look at the figures, that’s a pretty large audience. Prevent your brand from getting lost and use VoiceBox closed captioning services today.

Video closed captioning is a legal requirement for broadcasters, in order to make video content accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing. Closed captions are monitored and regulated by Ofcom to ensure standards are upheld. VoiceBox closed captioning services provide high quality, low cost closed captioning services, with fast turnaround times.

For online video makers or companies making promotional videos, learning videos or online media, VoiceBox closed captions are great because they ensure you appeal to the largest number of viewers possible.

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