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Dutch Voice Overs

Want to harness the wide-reaching influence of the Dutch language for your brand? There’s never been a better time to invest in professional Dutch voice over services.

With over 7 years of operating in the industry, VoiceBox boasts expert knowledge of the Dutch language. We can source a talented Dutch voice actor for your project from every corner of the globe where Dutch is spoken. Choose a voice over from regions where Dutch is spoken as an official, co-official or minority language, such as:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Suriname
  • Aruba
  • Curaçao
  • St Maarten
  • Canada and the USA
  • Indonesia

VoiceBox’s experienced team can advise you on every step of the process. Whether your project is focused on fulfilling accessibility requirements for Dutch multimedia content or giving your Dutch advertising campaign a distinctive and engaging brand voice, allow VoiceBox to help. After all, our 98% customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself.

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  • 98% customer satisfaction rate
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  • 2000+ voice over artists
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Why decide on Dutch voice over?

Those not well-acquainted with the Dutch language may be surprised to discover how global it is. The majority of Dutch speakers live in the economic powerhouse that is The Netherlands (around 17 million speakers).

However, there are a further 7 million people who speak Dutch as a native language dispersed across the world including the Caribbean and the Americas, while a total of 29 million people globally claim to speak Dutch as a first or second language.

The Netherlands also has a particularly strong and powerful economy. In fact, it is one of the world’s most significant exporters of goods, thanks to it hosting the largest seaport in Europe: Rotterdam. For these reasons, alongside quality of life and press freedom, it is often ranked as one of the top countries in the world to live and work in.

The buying power of Dutch speakers, as well as the expat community in The Netherlands, therefore offers enormous untapped potential for ambitious companies. Investing in a Dutch voice actor for your multimedia content is sure to capture one of Europe’s most lucrative audiences.

The process for getting a Dutch voice over couldn’t be easier

VoiceBox’s philosophy is straightforward: We aim to treat our clients more like partners than customers. That’s why we strive for transparency at every step of our process. We’ve set out below the six steps to getting started with securing the right Dutch voice actor for your project.

Get In Touch
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Finalise Your Voiceover
Our Artist Records Your Voiceover
Post Production
You Receive The Final File For Approval
  • Feel free to browse our Dutch voice over talent and note any that stand out to you, or simply get in touch with one of our experts and let us guide you. You can do this by dropping us a message on our contact form or by ringing us on 01792-450-979.
  • When you first get in touch, we’ll discuss your project details, and you can let us know if there are any voices that particularly interested you. We’ll also cover your wider brand considerations for Dutch voice talent. We’ll collaboratively develop a quote, which takes into account your timescale and budget.
  • Then, we’ll finalise the right voice over for you. We will think about the gender, age, tone of voice, dialect and regional accent that perfectly suits your project,
  • Our voice over artists will get to work to record your brief. Then, our team will send it to you for your approval and to accommodate any changes you request.
  • We will put the audio through post-production to guarantee clarity and crisp audio.
  • Lastly, we’ll send you over the final version in your preferred format. You’re ready to go!

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Which Dutch voice over services does VoiceBox offer?

  • B2B and B2C advertising campaigns: The Netherlands’ economy is highly dependent on foreign trade. In fact, The Netherlands are 7th in the world for exports, with annual exports of $550 billion. This means that there are endless opportunities to capture Dutch-speaking audiences with an ad campaign for your product or service, particularly if your brand can bring a fresh idea or innovation to the Dutch export market.

  • HR and corporate training videos: The Netherlands is often ranked one of the top countries in the world to live and work. Dutch companies are renowned for treating employees with the utmost respect and politeness. This means that, should you have Dutch-speaking employees, it is vital that you invest in Dutch voice over for your internal company content – both to boost comprehension and to comply with accessibility guidelines. You could also consider subtitle services as an additional accessibility service.

  • And more, including video game voice over, eLearning and educational materials, social media campaigns and accessibility-focused Audio Description. Whatever you need Dutch voice over services for, we can accommodate your requirements.

Dutch Voiceover Samples

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The partner of choice for Dutch voice over

VoiceBox is the perfect partner for companies with global ambitions. If you’re looking for a high-quality Dutch voice actor, here are three reasons why you should choose us:

  • Expert guidance: Our super talented team are experts in what they do. Their combined experience covers practically every sector imaginable, so whether you need accessible social media content, an e-Learning course or a radio ad, the VoiceBox team draw on their years of expertise to guarantee exceptional results.
  • Client collaboration: We’re a multimedia agency with a difference. Our entire philosophy is based on collaboration. We prefer to treat our clients more like partners than customers, meaning your involvement at every stage of the process is vital for us in order to foster transparency and manage expectations from the get-go.
  • Flexibility first: Founded almost 7 years ago, you can rest assured that VoiceBox has a deep understanding of the unpredictable – and often demanding – world of content creation! For you, this means we can adapt rapidly to changes in brief, budget or timescale for your voice over project.