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Bring your course material to life with an eLearning voice overs from VoiceBox

Why invest in eLearning voice over? Today, more people are learning online and via technology than ever before – not least due to the shift to a digital-first way of teaching in the past year. What's more, it’s a trend that is only set to accelerate in the coming years. But did you know that an estimated 285 million people are living with sight loss worldwide? With this in mind, how inclusive is your eLearning content really?

It has never been more important to put digital accessibility first, as well as considering the business case for being more inclusive. Here are three of our top reasons to invest in voice overs for your content...

- Engage a global pool of learners: eLearning voice over services offer multilingual voice over options for international learners. This can help drive sales for your courses overseas.

- Be more inclusive: Ensure your eLearning content is fully accessible for those with sight loss or visual impairments by including a voice over. Voice over can also aid those learners who are neurodiverse and could benefit from reinforcement of the learning material in an additional way. We also offer a transcription service or Audio Description to guarantee full inclusivity.

- Reinforce your content: Did you know that investing in eLearning voice talent for your content can help learners engage more effectively with complex topics and details? While everyone learns differently, around 30% of the population are auditory learners, meaning they respond best to learning that involves listening to content.

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What type of eLearning voice over services do we offer?

Our eLearning voice over service is one of our most popular services.

Our extensive experience includes voice overs for:

  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Self-paced learning apps
  • Corporate training programmes, and more.

Our eLearning voice over services are best suited for multimedia content that seeks to boost engagement, aid learning and fulfil accessibility requirements. We have worked with pioneering universities and organisations, such as The Open University and Virtual College, on making their content more inclusive through eLearning voice over services.

We can offer voice over for all types of eLearning projects, including:

  • Narration for pre-recorded lectures or course content
  • Voice over for teaching videos
  • Narration for training modules
  • App-based learning
  • Video games
  • Educational TV shows and movies
  • Multilingual material
  • Audio Description

And More...

We can also cover all types of teaching topics, even those with more complex material like medicine and other STEM subjects. If you have a project that falls outside of the aforementioned categories, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our friendly team members will advise you on how we can work together.

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How to get an eLearning voice over

Here are the 5 straightforward steps to getting a voice over for your eLearning content:

  • First of all, tell us about your project and we can begin the process of sourcing you the perfect voice. Alternatively, you can simply look through our database and let us know if any eLearning voice talent stand out to you.
  • Next, we’ll need a transcript for your material, or we can help you create one.
  • We will then pass your script on to a handpicked professional voice over artist who has experience in your niche and industry. They will record the script to comply with the highest audio standards.
  • We will oversee the post-production and mixing of the audio track, and can sync it to your content if required.
  • Finally, we will send over the final file for your approval and sign off.


As an award-winning multimedia agency, VoiceBox has years of experience working on voice over projects for global, industry-leading clients – from The Open University to multinational tech companies.

We know that when it comes to giving your course material a voice, it can be tricky to know where to start. That’s where VoiceBox can help. We will take the time to get to know you and your specific project requirements. Then, we draw on the very best eLearning voice over artists, state-of-the-art recording and superior post-production to deliver excellent voice over, every time.

As proven by our 98% customer satisfaction rate, our process works for our clients. Which is why they come back to us time and time again for our end-to-end service. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled customer support at every step of the process. Our services are available in 220+ languages with 2000+ professional voice over artists on our books.

What do our customers say?

They have always been helpful and friendly, no matter what deadlines we threw at them!

Virtual College on our e-Learning voice over services


Why choose VoiceBox as your eLearning multimedia agency?

When working with VoiceBox, we aim to feel like an extension of your team, rather than a separate agency. We want to work with you at every step of the way to provide you with the best possible service. Here are the three reasons why we stand out:

  • Versatile: Due to our experienced team and extensive network of voice over artists, we can deliver eLearning narration that match the needs of your project perfectly. We aim to adapt our services to your very business and language requirements.
  • Collaborative: We work side-by-side with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction, every time. We want to help you succeed, so will guarantee your full involvement throughout every step of the process.
  • Flexible: After many years in the industry, we understand the unpredictable and demanding world of content creation. Whether there is a change in brief, budget or timescale, we pride ourselves on our flexibility as an organisation to ensure the project is still completed on time and to a high standard.

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