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Did you watch the Eurovision song contest? Live shows like these are on the rise. Since the Pandemic, people are keen to get out and participate in more events than ever before. Eurovision was hosted and broadcast live from Italy and broadcast across the world where 25 European countries reached the final of the competition. Globally, the event was watched by over 10 million people.  

With audiences this big, a lot of work had to be done to make the show accessible for every viewer. There are 24 official languages in Europe with 18 languages being spoken and sung during Eurovision. Throughout Eurovision, multilingual translation including subtitling, and voiceovers were at the heart of making the show as inclusive and enjoyable as possible.  

Multimedia services at a live event 

As a business, you should want to employ multimedia services at events. The Oscars have recently received criticised over the lack of inclusivity at the event, specifically relating to sign language interpreters at the event.  

Hosting a live event that offers subtitles, sign language interpretation, live captioning, voiceovers, and more is a challenging task due to the unpredictability of what will be said. This becomes more challenging when the event is being held globally and these services need to be made available multilingually – Eurovision being the example here.  

But businesses we work with say they see the benefit… 

The benefits of having multimedia services at a live event 

There are many benefits of having multimedia services at live events including the ability to boost audience interaction at events. But how do you know if you are choosing the right multimedia agency? 

Firstly, you need to be thinking about inclusivity and accessibility with live events or you will exclude potential audience members. By using a multimedia agency, you can offer subtitles, live captions, and other services at your event. Multimedia agencies like VoiceBox can provide services bilingually which will have huge benefits to the growth of the brand.  

Secondly, being inclusive and accessible can lead to a boost in audience interaction. For many in-person, live events getting an audience to engage can be difficult particularly when members of the audience are struggling to follow the information. So, introducing multimedia services with live captions, voiceovers, and more can positively impact your next live event. 


Working with a multimedia agency that understands the aim of your event can help you become inclusive, accessible, and global. You need a provider that can offer all these services and more. That is where we come in. As experts in providing multilingual support for businesses, we can help you break into new markets or expand your reach in existing ones. Find out more today. 


 Information Correct 18/05/2022 

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