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Whether it’s the way we entertain ourselves or communicate with one another, there’s very few parts of our daily lives which haven’t been affected by the digital revolution. And despite its many pitfalls and viruses, the internet is largely seen, by those who use it, as a force for good in the world – particularly when it’s used to educate.

Thanks to the influence of the internet, an education isn’t limited to those who have access to schools and universities. Online, there are millions of courses designed for people of all competencies, qualifications and backgrounds. Most importantly, however, this inclusive online environment can be accessed by learners all over the world.

And with increasing numbers of people looking online for a better, more flexible education, it’s incumbent on digital educators to produce top quality e-Learning materials.

One of the many ways which e-Learning companies teach and train their millions of students is through video. Designed to entertain as well as educate, multimedia videos create a fully immersive atmosphere in which students often feel at home while actually being at home.

It’s often the case that the driving force behind this immersive multimedia is a calm, convivial and conversational voice over.

Excellence in the world of e-Learning

Here at VoiceBox, we create outstanding e-Learning voice overs for companies all over the world. But this talent and expertise didn’t develop over night.

After years in the business, our team boasts a breadth of knowledge and experience which we use to provide the best service for our customers. Apart from a few special ingredients from the VoiceBox family recipe, here’s our 6-step guide to guaranteeing excellent e-Learning voice overs. Bon appetit! 

e-Learning: A picture of a woman learning on an iPad

Getting to know you

All VoiceBox e-Learning projects begin with a video conference. It’s during this initial stage that we get to understand the aims of your e-Learning materials and devise specific project guidelines to meet your demands.

Finding your voice

From our initial meeting, we’ll have a great understanding of which e-Learning voice overs are the best fit for your project. We’ll then provide samples for your consideration and, when you’re ready to proceed, we’ll bring your preferred voice over artist on board.

Say what?

One of the most common shortcomings with e-Learning voice overs, and voice overs in general, is the mispronunciation of names, terms and brand names. At VoiceBox, we safeguard against this by liaising with you to establish a glossary of pronunciations prior to recording. What’s more, we can set up a video conferencing session with our e-Learning voice over artist before the project commences as a further safety net.

To me, to you

Our experience has provided us with firsthand insight into the ongoing demands of e-Learning providers, who, we have discovered, prefer to receive recordings as and when they’re completed. Our cloud-based file sharing system allows for scripts and recordings to be exchanged in real-time. This gives you the opportunity to review as and when the recordings have been completed and benefit from an ongoing flow of final files, as opposed to waiting for one definitive deadline.

Staying light on your feet

Our experience has taught us that, no matter how final a final version is, there can always be some eleventh-hour amendments to scripts. It’s with this in mind that we build in the flexibility of recording times with our e-Learning voice over artists so that they’re agile enough to meet your demands.

One size doesn’t fit all

Whether you’re simply looking for a series of WAV or MP4 recordings or you wish for us to video edit your e-Learning voice overs into existing video content, we pride ourselves on our bespoke e-Learning service. We’re here to offer as much support as you need.