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Achieve marketing success, both in the UK and internationally, with VoiceBox’s multilingual multimedia services, including advertising voiceovers and social media captions. 

Since the first TV commercial aired in 1941, video has been one of the most effective marketing channels in the business. It has survived the transition from traditional to digital, with platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, as well as other social media videos, being key factors for every marketing agency and department to consider.  

At VoiceBox, we are a multilingual multimedia agency that specialises in enhancing content with subtitles, captions, voiceovers, and more.   

From adding engaging captions to social media marketing campaigns to sourcing the perfect voice-over narration for an animated advertisement; our team of multimedia experts can find exactly what you need to enhance your marketing – in 220+ languages.  

Contact us today to find out how we can supercharge your marketing campaigns.  

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Marketing Industry Multimedia:  

B2B and B2C Advertising Campaigns  

Do you need a gruff Scottish voice for a whiskey advert? Or, a clear and appealing tone for a SAAS sign-up video? We can source the perfect voice for one of your brands. 

Our database of samples includes a plethora of tones and accents, covering a range of languages.  

We can also increase the reach and accessibility of your campaigns through multilingual subtitles, audio description, or voice dubbing.   

Product Promotions  

When advertising a product or service, using a voice narration can build trust and boost awareness, ultimately leading to an increase in sales.  

Our captioning services can also ensure your product is reaching as wide an audience as possible, including in international markets. 

Number 84 in red circle, text below reads: 84% of people say they've been convinced to buy a product or service through video.



It’s no secret that many agencies and ‘mar-tech’ firms have promoted their services through webinars, courses, and how-to videos.  

Voiceovers and captions can enhance the quality of these videos and improve student retention – leading to more downloads, sales, and sign-ups.  


Videos on websites improve click-through rates, but did you know captioned videos also improve SEO and search engine positioning? 

The SRT files we use contain plain-text information about your subtitles, which can be read by search engines to improve your page rankings.  

Social Media Video Marketing  

Video marketing has taken social media by storm; however, it seems the majority of social media users (especially on mobile) watch videos with sound off.  

With this in mind, marketing agencies may find that their client’s message isn’t being delivered to maximum effect. Give your videos accurate captions to guarantee your promotion has an impact.  

Mute Icon in red with black background, text reads: "92% of consumers watch videos with the sound off."


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