VoiceBox, Part of Wolfestone Group

Access live captioning services for universities, Voicebox delivers access to your lectures long after they have finished, and the students have left the building.

VoiceBox offers live captioning to allow students to view the lecture for months after it was delivered, perfect for studying and revising for exams. VoiceBox live captions are accessible on any smartphone, tablet or desktop and require no software at all.

The live captioned sessions are accessible to all, with the ability to share at no extra cost. Utilising the power of live captions, VoiceBox has the capability to create captions for lecture recordings directly from the session. This delivers a cost-effective solution to provide students with a completely accessible education.

We have a wealth of experience delivering live captions to universities across the globe. All we require to enable you to offer this unique service is a live audio feed from a lecture, seminar, or tutorial, and we can stream live captions for your students.

Live captioning not only benefits students post lecture, but also a huge advantage to students who are deaf or hard of hearing, are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, have Dyslexia or perhaps English language is not their first language. 

By implementing Voicebox live capturing students receive live captioning for their lecture and a transcript immediately following the class.

To find out more about offering live captions for your lectures please reach out for a free quote.