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Funny, intelligent and creative: our clients, old and new, never fail to bring a smile to our faces. But as well as being generally magnificent, our clients are also incorrigibly curious. Forever brimming with brilliant and pertinent questions, our clients love to ask us for more information about our range of services—especially subtitles. 

So, to those of you with a list of burning questions to hand, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been putting together a small list of frequently asked questions which we hope will help you to understand our subtitling services a little bit better.

Which are the best subtitles for social media engagement?

Easy: Open Captions. Also known as ‘burned in’ or ‘always on’ captions, Open Captions are the best for social media engagement. One Facebook source once claimed that Open Captions actually increase viewing time by an average of 12%.

Subtitles: A picture of a man changing the channel of his television

Which are the ultimate subtitles for multilingual videos?

That depends. Though Closed Captions and Open Captions are equally brilliant when it comes to multilingual videos, if you’re subtitling video content in several different languages, Closed Captions will most certainly be the best option for you.

Which are the best subtitles for SEO?

When it comes to boosting Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Closed Captions are the undisputed champions of the subtitling world. When in the past search engines struggled to index content, Closed Captions now enable publishers to make the spoken word of their multimedia visible to search engines and improve their all-important Google rankings.

What is SDH when it’s at home? 

Designed for an audience who aren’t able to hear audio, Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) provide viewers with information about background sounds and who is speaking, along with the original script.

Can subtitles be made to suit specific brand styles?

Absolutely! If a client has a colour code or font style they’d like us to use, we can pretty much tailor the subtitles to fit their brand requirements. However, despite having access to a wide variety of fonts, we will sometimes require clients to send us the desired font if it’s not already in our collection.

Do we offer the option to approve subtitles before they’re burned in?

We certainly do! Traditionally, we do this either by sending clients the SRT file as a Word document (so they can make changes) or through uploading the video and subtitle files to YouTube, where they can watch the video and subtitles in real time. And don’t worry: we set the video to private so only those with a link can watch.

What our clients say?

“Working with VoiceBox is always a great pleasure. No matter how hard the challenge Sim and his team always provide a superlative service which is fast, efficient and reliable. VoiceBox is always doing their best to turn things around to fit our requirements – and this guarantees peace of mind for us and our students. VoiceBox’s patience and humour is greatly appreciated. VoiceBox is always on the top of my list of suppliers when we require subtitles in French and German.”

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If you want to make your video content accessible and increase your reach to an international audience, why not look into using closed or open caption subtitling from VoiceBox? Get in touch with us today for a quote.