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With quarter one officially behind us, we sent out our customer feedback survey. It’s incredibly important for us to know how our customers feel about our services. We often talk about our overall 99.5% satisfaction rate but a simple questionnaire every quarter, to the clients we’ve been working with most recently, allows us to examine how things are going on a more personal scale today. 

Long story short, things are going well!  

In this blog, we’ll be going into the results in a little more depth to give you a better idea of the recent responses from real VoiceBox multimedia projects. If you’ve been considering giving VoiceBox a go, then you’re in the right place. You’ll find some pretty good reasons to work with us. 

Feedback Figures    

When asked, 83.3% of customers rated our service as “excellent”. Furthermore, the remaining 16.7% rated it as “good”. There were no negative ratings at all! We’re pretty happy with this result, and it seems like our customers share the same sentiment with our services.  

This is further reflected in the responses to the question ‘For your next translation project, how likely are you to use VoiceBox?’ Every single business who responded to this survey answered either ‘Likely’ or ‘Very Likely’ which is super encouraging to see. Reliability is an incredibly important part of our offering. We’re honoured that so many businesses are willing to rely on us, again and again, for their multilingual multimedia needs.  

Graph showing customer feedback


As pleased as we are with the above statistics, numbers can be tricky. We’re an agency that provides a human element, and we pride ourselves on tailoring collaboration for each project. In order to get a better idea of our feedback this quarter, it’s important to look at what our customers are actually saying. 


‘I’d highly recommend VoiceBox. Not only was the cost fair, but the customer service was second to none. The team were willing to help us with a very tight deadline and were a pleasure to work with’ 

 – Kelly from Blend Commerce 


‘[You’ve] been nothing short of accommodating, professional, and fantastic. Delivering all that was needed in a very quick time.’ 

– Carl from Reels in Motion 


‘I didn’t have time to compare options. VoiceBox was one of the first agencies to come back to me and were very responsive throughout.’ 

– Carmina Masoliver, writer 


This last one is a great example of one of the major benefits of using VoiceBox. We provide a variety of services, suitable for the majority of multimedia needs. If you are a very busy professional like Carmina here, it’s likely that you don’t want to spend hours searching for multiple agencies to suit your needs. VoiceBox can handle your subtitles, video editing, transcripts, translation, and more. This feedback shows us that the convenience of VoiceBox is a major draw for our customers.  

One other review is particularly indicative of our feedback this quarter: 

‘VoiceBox replied to my enquiry very swiftly. Their customer service was brilliant, and their turnaround time was great.’  

A lot of our feedback, like the above example, is centred around our customer service. It’s great to see that the hard work of our team has not gone unnoticed, and we’re so grateful to our clients for this. 


In Summary 

100% of the feedback from our customers this quarter has been positive. Yet, we always aim to keep improving and growing. A huge thank you to all of our existing clients who provided their thoughts on their recent projects. We couldn’t do this without you. 

For our future customers, get in touch, and find out for yourself how good our service is. We look forward to working with you! 

Diagram showing customer feedback key points