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What are Live Captions?  

Live captioning is the conversion of audio, such as speech and sound, into text that is displayed in real-time. Live captions are a great way to enhance your audience’s experience at both live and in-person events, meetings, and conferences – increasing comprehension, memory, and attention. 

Did you know that providing an inclusive experience also allows a wider audience to understand and enjoy your event?  

Over 60% of a visual content can be memorised if real-time subtitles are used. Also, they can be used to benefit non-native English speakers, as captions can be accurately translated into multiple languages for easy access and understanding.  

A circle with a large percentage shaded with the text Live captions can help you recall over 60% of information displayed

The Captioning Process  

The process is relatively simple. 

Live subtitles, or captions, are created by professional stenographers, who transcribe apeech into text in real-time.  

To do this, machines and other specialist computers are used to translate special phonetic symbols that the stenographers type. Subtitles are then instantly displayed and will not disrupt the flow of the presentation in the event, conference or meeting.  

From font size to colours, live captions can also be fully customised to improve user experience and branding. Brands have the option to select a background colour; along with this, brands can also make text bigger so that members of the audience can view the speech easily.  

After the event has taken place, post-event transcripts are made readily available. Transcriptions are available the event language, as well as any other desired language. 


Captioning for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community 

Live captioning has a positive impact, especially for members of the deaf and hard of hearing community, as they allow users to fully understand the information being presented without a time delay.  

Online events held on video conferencing platforms, like Zoom and Teams, have become increasingly popular since the pandemic. This had a huge impact as it become harder to communicate and pitch new ideas or products. 

Due to their ability to be displayed in real-time, captions have allow more people to understand information being presented, answer questions, and pitch ideas relevant to the topic being discussed.   


How Real-Time Subtitles Improve an Event? 

Real-time subtitles support an event by making it inclusive and accessible to members of the audience. This service level ensures that core messaging and points discussed are communicated effectively, especially for those who are part of the deaf and hard of hearing community, or non-native English speaking.  

There are many ways in which live captions can support your event, including: 

  • Allowing your event to be accessible 
  • Improving the understanding of the content 
  • Impacting on the comprehension of the presentation by watching and listening  
  • Creating the captions an accessible way by making them available in multiple languages 

An infographic displaying different information like They allow your event to be accessible to those who are deaf and hard of hearing, they improve understanding for people watching in their non-native languge, Live captions have a positive impact on comprehension and reading all at once, They allow you to make your live event content accessible in multiple languages

 Are you hosting an event, meeting, or seminar? Then why not incorporate live captions?  

Here at VoiceBox, we have been producing live captions and other inclusive multimedia content since 2015. We have a catalogue of over 220 languages to suit our client’s needs. Which is one of the many reasons we have a customer satisfaction rate of 98%. Get in contact today.