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As a creative business, marketing your products or services is the key to, growth, revenue, and in a word… success. However, every marketing campaigns success relies on two things. Firstly, multimedia. Time and time again we see video and audio impacting buyer intentions. And secondly, reach, together with, engagement. More viewers, more click-throughs, and the better your chances of success.

At VoiceBox, we have the secret to optimising your marketing video content for maximum potential reach, 100% engagement and in summary, producing successful results for the marketing of your business/product/production.  

What are those secrets you ask? Check it out… 


SDH Subtitling spells results 

Not a secret exactly. But, unlocking the ultimate potential SDH subtitles offer is what marketeers will want to know about!  

11 million people in the UK are hard of hearing or deaf. Research also found that 80% of all 18–24-year-olds are using subtitles on all viewing platforms. That’s a lot of audience for your TV advert, video ad on Facebook or product demo, and no doubt you’re going to want to reach them. SDH subtitles (subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing) are the answer. 

Here’s how they work: 

  1. You create your incredible, show-stopping video content 
  2. An agency, like VoiceBox, creates subtitles of all the audible dialogue, sound effects like kettles boiling, or doors slamming (we’re looking at you EastEnders) and writes that up into a script that appears as subtitles during the video footage. 
  3. Optional third step here of translating that content into another language 
  4. Your video content, complete with 100% accessible subtitling, is ready for viewing across all major video platforms 

You’ll be expanding your audience in the millions as well as creating content people want to engage with on their terms. But, that’s not all! Google’s latest update means website content supported by accessible multimedia, is getting the gold star; or, in marketing terms, higher SEO rankings for your webpages. This means that your marketing campaign’s landing pages (containing your accessible videos) will be boosted into more people’s searches. Meaning, even more reach and engagement with whatever you are marketing. 

Graph depicting an increase in audience, website visits and revenue thanks to accessibly adapted video marketing content


Voiceovers amplify your message 

Marketing campaigns have relied on voiceovers for years. Creating instant brand recognition that converts. Think “this isn’t just food, this is M&S food” or Churchill the nodding dog saying “Ohhh yes!”. What makes these voiceovers so great is they achieve the ultimate marketing campaign goal memorability. Something people can impersonate and reference easily.  

As consumers we sometimes underthink the marketing tactics behind the campaigns that make us buy. Voiceovers can fall into that same under the radar, yet impactful, group of selling tools. Where some products rely on their visuals to communicate meaning, others do need that extra vocalisation to communicate the USP’s and brand message. Think food and beverage, banking and insurance, apps and software; these are items/services that as a static visual or idea can’t be left to your audiences’ imagination. 

Another strong argument for including voiceovers (and audio descriptions!) in your marketing video content is inclusivity. Firstly, it’s important to make content that truly everyone can enjoy. But secondly, wouldn’t you, as a business want to prospect your marketing videos to the 300+ million people with visual impairments? That is a lot of potential audience to lose relying on just visual content for your video. Not to mention, the even bigger audience multilingual voiceovers could offer.  


Results for every marketing campaign video 

Working with marketing teams in every industry, we’ve seen time and time again the success rate of marketing campaigns with accessible video content vs those without.  

Consider adding subtitles and voiceovers to your next video project, to not only market to a wider audience base. But also, to demonstrate your investment in accessibility to both consumers and google.  


VoiceBox is a multimedia agency that partners with businesses to craft 100% accessible videos, marketing campaigns, and more. Find out more about the subtitling and voiceover services we’ve talked about in this blog. Or, talk to us today to see how multilingual multimedia can help you scale globally. 


Information correct – 08/06/2022 


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