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Going global with your content is easier and more cost-effective than ever. At VoiceBox, we have years of expertise in helping industry-leading clients translate their multimedia content for international audiences.

As an award-winning multimedia agency, the VoiceBox team are experts in audio translation, video translation and more. We have worked with everyone from multinational clients like Google and Bentley, to independent production companies and SMEs with international ambitions – all the while posting a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

What makes us different is our end-to-end customer service. We’re fully focused on our clients’ specific translation requirements from day one. We take a flexible approach to any last-minute or urgent projects, as well as accommodating brand requirements and client amends.

  • 98% customer satisfaction rate
  • 220+ languages
  • 2000+ voice over artists
  • Quick and easy process
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Budget-friendly options

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Which type of translation projects do we cover?

Got global ambitions for your brand? Winning over an international audience doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here at VoiceBox, we aim to strike a balance between offering competitive, cost-effective solutions and delivering some of the highest-quality professional video and audio translation services on the market. Our multimedia translation services are available in 220+ languages, with thousands of expert linguists and translators on our books – each handpicked for their years of experience in the industry and niche expertise.

We offer audio translation and video translation for a range of content, including but not limited to:

  • Cinematic projects, such as movies and trailers
  • TV shows and documentaries
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns (B2B and B2C)
  • YouTube and social media content
  • eLearning courses and training videos
  • Video games

Which type of video translation services do we offer?

When you work with VoiceBox, you’ll work with a dedicated, award-winning team that is committed to delivering excellence. We can advise you on the best method to translate your multimedia content, including:

  • Subtitle Translation: If you want to translate voice recording or translate voice over for your audience, a cost-effective solution could be including a subtitle translation in your content. We can also translate existing subtitles into another language. All you need to do is provide us with a video or audio file, and we can discuss the best option for you.
  • Script Translation: Script translation is another of our popular subtitle translation services. Simply provide us with a transcript in a single language, or we can create one from a video or audio file. We will then translate the entire transcript into the languages of your choice.
  • Voice over: Multilingual voice over is another excellent solution to translate voice recording content for your audience. Choose from our 2000+ professional voice over artists in the language(s) of your choice.
  • AI Translation: For those projects that have smaller budgets and require swifter turnaround times, take advantage of our AI-powered multimedia translation services. We can slash costs and time for our clients by utilising our neural machine translation technology to quickly generate subtitle or voice over translation.
Files and Formats

When it comes to files and format types, the VoiceBox team is ready to adapt to your needs. While our team predominantly works with MOV, WAV, MP3 and MP4 files, we’re equally at home working with CDs, DVDs and audio cassettes. Whichever format we are provided for translation for subtitles, you’ll receive a quality service from our highly-skilled team of expert linguists.

What our clients say

You guys have been awesome to work with on this, from getting the original translations to the audio overlay and asset delivery

Kryptonite, an industry-leading security company on our multimedia translation services


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Whether you want to translate voice over or subtitles, we can help. Just get in touch for a quick quote. You can tell us more about your project by completing our short online form, or give us a quick call on 01792 450979 to speak to one of our friendly team members.

We’ll ask about your project needs and advise you on how VoiceBox can work best with you. We will always aim to get back to you with a quote within 60 minutes or sooner.

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Why invest in multimedia translation?

No matter what your content’s goal is – from driving international sales, to improving SEO, to building your brand image overseas – here are three reasons why it’s vital to invest in video and audio translation services right now.

  • Drive sales globally: Did you know that 60% of all video views on YouTube come from non-English speakers? And that 72% of consumers globally are more likely to buy a product if they have information in their own language? Now’s the time to keep up with your competitors who are investing in multilingual content and bring in new, international audiences.
  • Build your brand image: Audio translation and video translation can ensure your branded content transcends language barriers and resonates with multilingual viewers.
  • Boost your SEO: Translating subtitles can boost your SEO rankings globally. If you ensure your Closed Captions include keywords, then search engines can read the text and index the content. This means translating subtitles can boost global SEO, increase your video views and thereby increase organic traffic to your website.

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Why choose VoiceBox as your agency for multimedia translation?

At VoiceBox, we want to work with you at every step of the way to provide you with the perfect multimedia translation services for your global content. Our core philosophy is to work like an extension of your team, keeping you informed and involved at every step. Here are the three reasons why our translation service stands out:

  • Versatile: Due to our expert team and extensive network of translators, we can deliver translation that matches the needs of your project.
  • Collaborative: We work side-by-side with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction, every time. We want to help you succeed, so will guarantee your full involvement throughout every step of the process.
  • Flexible: Whether there is a change in brief, budget or timescale, we pride ourselves on our flexibility as an organisation to ensure your translation project is still completed on time and to a high standard.

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