VoiceBox, Part of Wolfestone Group


VoiceBox prioritises being open and communicative with our clients. We send out feedback surveys each quarter, to see what you think of our multilingual multimedia services, and if there is anything we could do better. 

This quarter, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We want to say thank you to all the clients who took the time to respond. If you’re new to VoiceBox – welcome! We hope this gives you some insight into the high standards of the work we produce. 


What is the main reason you chose to work with VoiceBox? 

This question allows us to see what elements of our business are most appealing to you. We gave a number of options for this one, and even had an Other box so that our clients could provide more specific feedback where relevant. One such comment sited our ‘friendly staff’ as a reason for choosing us. 

The number one reason clients choose VoiceBox is Turnaround Time. 

50% of Feedback responses suggest they chose us for our Turnaround Time. It’s true that working with efficiency is one of our specialities. Other results that received votes include Customer Service, Services Offered, and Competitive Pricing. 


On a scale of 0-10 how likely is it that you would recommend VoiceBox to others? 

This question is a good indicator for us of if we are succeeding in our goals. After all, you are unlikely to recommend a business that you can’t trust. This is why we are pleased to see that the majority of respondents gave over 8 on this question, which means: 

83.33% are likely to recommend VoiceBox to others. 

This number reflects the time and effort we put in to ensure that our customers are happy with the services that we provide. 


How would you rate your experience with VoiceBox? 

This is probably the most important one! We always want our clients to have a good experience with us. Even though we want your final project to be perfect, we also want the process to go well. We try to stay in touch and be responsive to achieve this. 

66.7% of VoiceBox clients rated their VoiceBox experience 5 out of 5.  

While we can see there is room for improvement, this is still a positive result! Plus, 16.7% gave us a 4 out of five. This means that 83.33% of our clients were satisfied with their experience this quarter! 


How would you rate your most recent project with VoiceBox? 

The responses to this question are the same as those from the previous one – which is a positive sign! We want the process of working with VoiceBox on a project to be as good as the end result. 

66.7% of VoiceBox clients rate their most recent project a 5 out of 5. 

As with the previous question, this result is a good sign that we are on the right track. Only one person gave us a low result (two out of five) and the rest of the votes were generally positive! The fact is that the majority of this quarter’s clients were satisfied with their projects – we’re happy to hear it! 


For your next relevant project, how likely are you to use VoiceBox? 

 The majority of respondents found that they would be happy to use VoiceBox again. In fact… 

83.33% would use VoiceBox again!  

We got mostly 4/5s on this question – great to see! VoiceBox is happy to receive returning customers, as we see this as a great compliment. We even send out a monthly newsletter, so I you’ve enjoyed one of our services, you can use these email updates as a chance to learn about others. If you’re interested, subscribe here 


Where did you hear about VoiceBox? 

If you’ve ever worked in marketing, you’ll know how crucial this question is. And we got quite a surprising array of answers for this one! 

33.3% of respondents have used VoiceBox before, and an additional 33.3% were referred. 

This result is extremely promising because it confirms the validity of two previous questions. People reusing our services is not just hypothetical – there are multiple respondents who are returning customers. Similarly, this shows that clients are not only willing to refer to us, but they actively do refer to us.  


Any other comments? 

Below are some of the kind comments left by respondents on this feedback survey. It’s such an honour that our clients feel strongly enough about our services to offer up additional comments like this. It’s especially nice because all of the comments on VoiceBox’s quarter 3 feedback survey were wonderfully positive – take a look! 

Feedback given by VoiceBox clients saying our go-to for voiceovers. Very Reliable


 These above comments are not only pleasant to read but give a good idea of which elements of our service are working best. In this instance, we know that VoiceBox is reliable, helpful, and efficient! Going forward, we’ll work to maintain these values and continue making our clients happy. 



As you can probably tell by now, we’re happy with these results. There’s always room for improvement, and we have every intention of continuing to grow, and provide our customers with excellent service.  

These results suggest we do a good job, but if you want proof for yourself, then contact us today with your next project.