VoiceBox, Part of Wolfestone Group

Swansea’s award-winning tech startup, VoiceBox, were on hand to lend their voice to the BBC’s ‘#GE2017’ election discussion in Cardiff.

Asked to take part as representatives of Welsh business, VoiceBox joined BBC Radio 5 Live‘s discussion that covered the key issues in the run-up to the election.

Speaking of the company’s participation, VoiceBox’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Ben Dobson said: “It’s fair to say that, as a country, we are in a period of change and uncertainty. As a business that works extensively with clients and providers across the continent, we were eager to hear each party’s post-Brexit plans first-hand.”

As is the case with many Welsh start-ups, VoiceBox has benefited from European funding in its formative years. “The Overseas Development Fund, a joint Welsh Assembly Government and European Union initiative, has played a vital role in our international growth.” said Mr. Dobson, adding “We feel passionately that other startup businesses should benefit from the same opportunities that we have so were delighted to have the opportunity to ask what initiatives are in place for Welsh business growth from each political party.”

However, following the debate, Mr. Dobson felt a sense of apathy: “Whilst it was enjoyable to take part, I personally felt that there was a great deal of posturing from each of the politicians – a great deal of conversation without anyone actually ‘saying’ anything.”

The event, which formed part of the BBC’s election build up, was broadcast live on BBC Radio 5 Live between 8.30am and 10am on Friday 19th of May.

VoiceBox is a Swansea based multimedia agency that boosts audio and video engagement, through voice overs and subtitles. Providing services in over 200 languages, VoiceBox’s clients include Ted Baker, The FA and Discovery.