VoiceBox, Part of Wolfestone Group


VoiceBox is always determined to listen to our customers, and seek out feedback. We recently sent a survey to our clients to see how we’re doing. We’re really honoured to have received multiple responses – especially since so many of them are positive!  

Please read on to see our analysis of the questions we sent out and the feedback we received.  



Overall, how would you rate your experience with VoiceBox? 

75% of respondents gave the top feedback of ‘Excellent’ with the remaining 25% still giving a positive response of ‘Good.’  

Naturally, we’re very happy to see that businesses who partner with us are enjoying our multimedia services to this extent. We pride ourselves on our customer service, so this is a great result! 

How satisfied are you with your recent project? 

As shown on our website, VoiceBox has an overall 98% customer satisfaction rate. However, VoiceBox still asks this question in our survey to gain some insight into how people feel once their projects are complete. The product or service itself is a crucial part of the process. 

All responses were very positive, with nobody claiming to be unsatisfied. The results for this question show that 75% of people are ‘very satisfied’ with their projects. There were, in fact, no negative results for this question at all. This indicates that our multimedia service is as reliable as we claim it is.  

5 yellow stars on black background, white text displays positive VoiceBox feedback.

For your next project, how likely are you to use us? 

100% of respondents gave the answer ‘very likely’ which is a fantastic result.  

Going forward, we’d love to keep this number up. We’ll continue to work hard to ensure our customers feel comfortable returning to us for their multimedia projects, like audio descriptions, subtitles and voiceovers – all available in 200+ languages.  

What is the main reason behind choosing VoiceBox us for your project? 

This question had a real variety of answers. We provided a number of options for our clients, including an ‘other’ box so that people could provide their own answers. For example, one client who chose ‘other’ gave the following comment: 

‘Responsiveness to initial enquiry together with a competitive rate’ 

We are really happy with this response, as remaining responsive even during busy periods is a priority of ours. Other respondents praised our customer service. Overall, the responses to this question are exactly what we were hoping for. 

Would you recommend VoiceBox to others? 

We’d like as many people as possible to have genuine trust in our services, and the best way to achieve this is through a personal recommendation. Given the importance of this question, we are thrilled that 100% of respondents answered ‘yes.’ 

We really appreciate the support of our clients in this area. We can’t thank you enough for all of the recommendations, reviews, and kind words provided. Since we have so many services, from live captions to transcription, there’s certainly a lot to recommend! 

Where did you hear about us? 

This is another question where we gave a variety of options, because we know our customers come to us in a number of different ways. Some of the answers that people responded with include search engine, referral, and used previously.  

It’s great to see that all these different ways of reaching out have been effective. It highlights that, whichever method people use to find us, they still find value in our multimedia services. 



Overall, these are very positive results.  

For example, the stand-out figures from this quarter are the two 100% results we achieved, in that 100% would recommend our services to others and 100% would use our services again. Receiving full marks on such important questions really demonstrates that we have achieved something special this quarter. Really, we can’t think of a higher compliment. 

Reflecting on this quarter, we can be satisfied with the work we’ve done. The response from our clients is indicative of several successful projects. We will keep working to attain these results, or better, in the future. 



Hopefully, this has provided some insight into how our VoiceBox clients feel about our customer support and multimedia services. We have a few case studies with further information on our client’s views. If you would like to know more about our services and the work we do, you can contact us here