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VoiceBox voice over translation advantages.

In today’s world, offering video content to multilingual audiences is essential. Voice over translation is performed using translation techniques, including voice replacement, UN-style voice over, off-screen voice over, lip synching, or actor replacement. Depending on the objectives, the content, and the tone of the video that needs to be translated, working with a professional translation company can help you determine which technique would best serve your audience. While there are other options like subtitling or transcripts, the benefits of voice over translations are loud and clear.

Voice over translation stands out compared to subtitling. Subtitling means the user must focus his or her energy on keeping up with the words on the screen.

In doing so, that same viewer may purposefully ignore or unintentionally miss other components of the video like background details, body language, and other information that is communicated visually. When it comes to encountering new information for the first time, especially in eLearning training modules, it can be difficult to comprehend new information without the support that visual clues in the video were intended to provide. On the other hand, using voice over translation ensures that what the listeners hears seamlessly complements what they view.

Subtitling is also problematic given the fact that different languages result in text expansion and contraction. Depending on the language that the video content is being translated into, the subtitle may either make the screen look very text heavy or may not fit on the same screen. Given the fact that much of eLearning may contain technical or content-specific language, it can cause additional text expansion or contraction by 20, 30, or even 40%. If the words on the screen unfold at a different pace than the original video content, the message may become garbled and other subtler aspects of video, like the tone and mood, may also be lost.

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