VoiceBox, Part of Wolfestone Group

In acquiring Robertson Languages International, the Wolfestone Group of Companies has now expanded its portfolio to include three companies: Wolfestone Translation, VoiceBox and Robertson Languages International.

The acquisition also sees the Wolfestone Group expand its services, encompassing translation and interpreting services, multilingual voice overs and subtitling, and now, global language training.

Wolfestone's Co-Founder Anna Bastek and Managing Director Alex Parr with Robertson Languages International team members outside their offices in Twyford

Anna Bastek, Co-Founder of Wolfestone and one of five key participants in a female-led acquisition, commented: “This acquisition is a very exciting opportunity for Wolfestone. Not only are we acquiring an established, reputable language service provider, but it also adds an additional service to our offering.”

Ms. Bastek, who has long had a passion for learning new languages, continues, “as a language learner, I’m extremely excited to explore new and innovative methods of language learning. The way we learnt languages 20 years ago is completely different to how we learn them today. The process has become much quicker, cheaper and more accessible. We want to ensure our clients always benefit from the very latest advancements in language learning science and technology.”

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