VoiceBox, Part of Wolfestone Group

In this quick Q+A, VoiceBox answers your frequently-asked questions about our professional live captioning service.

What is live captioning?

In case you weren’t aware, live captioning has seen a surge in demand during the shift to digital working. This is because, as events have shifted online, live captioning boosts the reach of your content for audience segments to whom it would be otherwise inaccessible, including those who are hard of hearing or deaf. Live captioning does this by providing access to spoken dialogue displayed as text on a screen and delivered in real-time.

Also commonly referred to as CART, meaning Communication Access Real-Time Translation, live captioning can provide captions remotely too.

Does VoiceBox use computer-generated live captioning?

VoiceBox use specialist and experienced human transcribers rather than computers to convert speech into text. This is carried out by live captioning experts to ensure the text is accurate and accessible.

What do I need for live captioning?

Live captioning takes place by using the internet to stream the words live to laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You only need a method of displaying the captions themselves and access to the Internet.

When do I need this service?

The implementation of live captioning offers an inclusive experience to all scenarios including meetings, lectures, events, conferences, and interviews.

Why VoiceBox?

VoiceBox’ live captioning is delivered by world-class captioners, who are all highly-experienced and experts in the field.

For more information on reaching a wider audience and ensuring your content is all inclusive to all audiences please contact us for a no obligation, free quote.