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Wolfestone Group announces the launch of DrCaptions, an innovative new AI-powered online captioning service.

Wolfestone Group, the award-winning international language service provider with headquarters in Swansea, South Wales, today formally announces its launch of DrCaptions, an exciting new online captioning service.

DrCaptions provides a new AI-powered caption feature for meetings. It has been designed to meet the communication needs of a world that has rapidly shifted to a digital-first way of working. The service provides AI-powered captions that covert audio and dialogue into text that appears on a stream in real time.

Best suited to online live streaming or for in-person communication (where and when it’s safe), DrCaptions guarantees accessibility for your event, meeting or conference. This includes those who may be deaf or hard of hearing, or those neurodiverse participants who may benefit from captions to reinforce the event’s messaging, to those who are not native English speakers or are simply working from a noisier environment. Utilising cutting-edge, AI-led technology, DrCaptions’ mission is to boost digital inclusion for all.

What’s more, DrCaptions provides a highly-tailored service to meet every client’s needs. Users can adjust the text size to cater for those with visual impairments. In addition, users can save and share the AI-captioned transcript when the event has finished, allowing attendees and non-attendees alike to review the event’s content at their own pace.

This launch cements Wolfestone Group’s position as a truly international full-service provider of professional language and accessibility solutions. Wolfestone Group’s service offerings encompass translation and localisation services, live captioning, multilingual voice overs, subtitling, global language training, and now cost-effective, AI-powered live captioning for online meetings.

All of this comes as Wolfestone Group has begun to invest heavily in AI technology across all its services, such investing in cutting-edge AI technology for translation which is set to save on time and, crucially, costs for clients.

Anna Bastek, the founder of Wolfestone Group, commented on the latest technology:

“Our mission is to help make everyday life better by offering accessibility to everyone, whether this is not being a native English speaker, having hearing impairments or just muting a meeting while there is a lot going on at home. Using cutting-edge technology, DrCaptions ensures everyone is involved.”

Alex-Michelle Parrmanaging director of Wolfestone Group, added:

“Wolfestone Group continuously strives for innovation and success, and has very ambitious plans for the future. The language and multimedia industries continue to expand and technology is constantly evolving, introducing new opportunities.

Deploying brand new AI technology, which is set to save on time and costs for our clients, is a fundamental step in Wolfestone’s growth. It cements our position in the market as one of the largest independent and fastest-growing language service providers of its type.

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